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Titanium Gravel Bike Frame Avatar
Titanium Gravel Bike Frame
Created by jinzhengba on May, 14 2020 with 1 Members

This is the regular specs option design for professional Mountain bike rider, outer line routing design. about the design: XACD made titanium gravel bike frame with following specs options: 1. titanium mountain/gravel bike frame with 1-1/8" 34mm head tube, this is the normal size and specs for headset, the matched headset can be easy to find in the market. 2. sliding dropout, add kickstand mount and rear rack mount; you can install the rear rack when you outing out for the long-distance touring. 3. handing brush finished silver, sharp sliver color in the sunshine. 4. "S " shape bending seat stay, Increased frame toughness and shock absorption. All the specs options and size can be custom base on your request. About the fork, if you install the fork then you need tell us what the fork length size you need, then we will design the frame to good match with these current products you use.

Titanium Frame Bicycle Avatar
Titanium Frame Bicycle
Created by jinzhengba on May, 14 2020 with 1 Members

The titanium frame bicycle specs as following: Taper head tube designed; Super stability for the bicycle frame steerer tube, can be better used for mountain racing Thru-axle droput; The design of the thru axle is locked by the hub, but the outer diameter of the thru axle is 12mm larger, and the locking method is also closed and fixed with screw-in locking. Considering convenience, many thru axlesare also equipped with handle ends. The handle is thicker, which greatly enhances the strength. so the thru axle type dropout for Titanium Frame Bicycle is the very best and popular choice. CNC titanium yolk design for more fat bike wheel size use. Increase the distance between the tires and the frame, you can assemble larger tires, let the mud go across. Post mount disc brake. You also can consider add the Logo on the down tube and front of the head tube.frame size can be custom base on customers request. more details pls send youe detail request to us. Remove bead ripples to make the welded parts of the frame look more delicate. We also have titanium bicycle frame.